The TalentPass supports talent development toward ambition

The TalentPass is the most advanced e-HR application. The Talentpass is development-oriented. It discovers Talent and further develops it toward ambition and facilitates appreciation and reward, in Human Resource Development and Resource Management.
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Working with the TalentPass provides organizations with real-time insight in available talents at a personal level. Overviews can then easily be generated at the team, business unit and organizational level. Organizations increasingly use these data for other HR applications as well.

TalentPass realizes cost savings

Working with the TalentPass equals many hands making light work. The span of support of the managerial staff can be strongly enhanced without a corresponding increase in work load. And because the TalentPass includes links with all personnel and salary software packages, ESS/MSS possibilities are optimally supported, resulting in a reduction of the administrative burden.

TalentPass gives organizations and staff insight in talent

Insight in the talents of employees is of crucial importance to organizations. Without this insight, there is no connection with Strategic Personnel Planning, and no adequate response to changing circumstances. With the TalentPass, Talent Development and Management Development become really concrete, and timely anticipation of the future becomes a reality for both employee and organization.

TalentPass reinforces the Assessment and Performance cycle

The process of properly assessing and rewarding employees benefits from maximum objectivity and transparency. Working with the TalentPass generates objective input to reinforce and improve the quality of this assessment and performance cycle. As the level of involvement is high, a broader basis is created, and improvements are more effectively implemented.

TalentPass stimulates Sustainable Availability

Sustainable Availability is relevant to both younger and older employees. Using the TalentPass creates a timely and permanent insight in specific circumstances and wishes of employees in various phases of their lives and careers. This allows for making the most effective use of their talents in relation to their duties and the changes and developments in the organization.

TalentPass supports Self-management and the New Way of Working

The discernible developments in the fields of The New Way of Working, Self-Direction and Self- Management will inevitably continue. Cost savings, freedom of action and freedom of choice in relation to work play a major role in these developments. Crucial to their success is mutual trust. Working with the TalentPass provides maximum support to these developments.

TalentPass facilitates Educational and Training Advice

Working with the TalentPass means validated input, allowing for a more bespoke determination of individual educational needs and the prevention of unnecessary dead weight. Working with the TalentPass means that generic educational advice makes way for tailored educational and training advice with added cost saving effects.


ORGANISATIONSavings per 500 employees / students up to €560.000 yearly



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